After a rigorous certification process, Imperial became ISO 9001 Certified. ISO is a quality management standard which certifies that Imperial is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and to long-term continual improvement of its quality related processes. Some of the requirements in ISO 9001 include the following:

Maintaining a set of procedures that cover all key processes in the business.

Monitoring processes to ensure they are effective.

Keeping adequate record.

Checking output for defects, with appropriate and corrective action where necessary.

Regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness.

Facilitating continual improvement.

Quality Policy

Imperial consistently strives to provide the highest quality printing and paper box manufacturing services in our industry. These services always meet or exceed our customers’ requirements while remaining in full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. Our highly trained and fully qualified personnel remain actively involved in our continual improvement program. Further, we pledge to maintain a safe and environmentally friendly workplace in recognition of our responsibilities to our employees, our customers and our community.

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