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Die Cutting

We can custom design steel rule dies to your specifications in order to shape, cut, or stamp out parts and blanks. If you would like your product displayed with a window opening in the box, we have expertise in die cutting paperboard with intricate shapes which are cut to precise tolerances by our craftsmen. We have the capability to die cut paperboard from 6 point up to 100 point caliper or more.


Any special shape or size of window can be cut into your box after it is printed. We can create a paper box with a transparent window which allows your product to be viewed without sacrificing product protection. Our box manufacturing plant is capable of applying windows to both chipboard boxes and corrugated boxes. We have the capability to add window film from 2 to 5 millimeter in thickness.

Folding, Gluing & Packing

We have the ability to fold and glue even the most complex paper boxes. In addition, all boxes have maximum "pre-break" for easy opening either by hand or on high-speed loading equipment. After your boxes are glued they are given a final inspection by our quality assurance department, then they are packaged for shipment. We take care in making sure orders meet or exceed our customers' expectations.